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- Personal Trainer -

Maricela Prudhomme

I am an ACE Certified personal trainer and an avid endurance athlete. Before I dedicated my life to fitness, I had a successful career as a general manager for Hilton Hotels in Silicon Valley. This career taught me the importance of exceptional personalized service, while establishing rapport for each of my clients. I am driven by the passion I have to help others in achieving their specific goals.

I specialize in functional training, whereby I ensure that each training session and program is designed to meet the needs, interests, and objectives of the client. I further accentuate and have professional certification within functional training, weight loss, muscle gain, strength training, sports conditioning, and pre/post natal training. 
Work out sessions under my guidance are energetic, fun, and targeted to make the client feel good mentally and physically, while attaining their own increased fitness fulfilled life (i.e., “MasLifeFitness”). 

Moreover, I dedicate my personal lifestyle to health, fitness, and positive body image. I practice self-care precisely how I care and teach others. 

I welcome you to trial my services to consider how I can make a measurable difference in your own life and wellbeing.


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    TRX Suspension Training

  • icon-45w

    TRX Functional Training

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    Kettlebell Optional Movement

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    Rock Tape: FMT IASTM Blades

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    Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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    Group Fitness Trainer

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    Pre & Postnatal Trainer


- Here's What Some of My Personal Training Clients Have to Say -

Andrea A.

"Working out with Maricela was the highlight of my weeks. During our 8 months together, she motivated and pushed me to get stronger. She is extremely knowledgeable about about exercise, diet, and women's health. I learned so much from her! She helped correct my form and knew which movements would yield better results for my body and goals. Everything felt customized and we often flexed our workouts based on what was going on that month if I was traveling for work or having health issues. We experimented with diet too and overall I saw strong progress in my health goals and overall strength like never before. I enjoyed our conversations and loved having a coach like her by my side. I highly recommend her and hope to be working with her again soon!"

Angela J.

"Maricela is the trainer everybody wants to train with in the gym. She is amazing. When I work out with her in the gym, people always approach us and are in awe at the unique and challenging exercises I'm doing. I can't imagine a trainer that provides more. She is exceptional at motivating me to reach my goals and push to the next level. When I train with her, I always go beyond what I think I can do. What I like most about Maricela is the creative work-outs she develops to help get the physique I want while having fun. She is definitely a superstar trainer."

John T.

"Maricela is a first rate trainer, knowledgeable, experienced and sensitive to client needs and potential. Above all she is a motivator and an encourager. I was a regular gym-goer, but it was not until I began regularly working with her almost two years ago that I have really benefited from my time at the gym. At 73, I am doing things I never did at 43, and the health, strength and mobility benefits are very noticeable."

- MasFitnessLife -


1 Month Plan

$1300 per Month
  • 8 Sessions (2x a week)

1 Month Plan

$1720 per Month
  • 12 Sessions (3x a week)

2 Month Plan

$1420 per 2 Months
  • 8 Sessions (1x a week)

2 Month Plan

$2,240 per 2 Months
  • 16 Sessions (2x a week)

2 Month Plan

$3120 per 2 Months
  • 24 Sessions (3x a week)

3 Month Package

$1840 per 3 Months
  • 12 Sessions (1x a week)

3 Month Package

$3120 per 3 Months
  • 24 Sessions (2x a week)

3 Month Package

$4500 per 3 Months
  • 36 Sessions (3x a week)

Partner or small group Training (up to 5 people maximum, price per person)

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    1.5 Month Package (6 weeks) = 12 Sessions, twice a week, $1020 per person

  • icon-45w

    2 Month Package = 16 Sessions, twice a week, $1300 per person

  • icon-45w

    3 Month Package = 24 Sessions, twice a week, $1600 per person


Online Training is Also Available!


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